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[Stage 1] First Time as the Starting Point: Beautiful Qionghai Opens the Curtain on the 14th Tour of Hainan

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The 14th Hainan Tourism Investment Cup 2023 Tour of  Hainan will be held from October 5th to 9th. This year marks the first appearance of the event as part of the 2.Pro professional series level after its upgrade. It is also the first international top-level sports event held in Hainan since the establishment of the Free Trade Port in Hainan.

i第一赛段. 图片1.png

Route map for the first stage of the 14th Tour of Hainan 

The first stage of this year's race is from Qionghai to Qionghai, starting from Qionghai City Hall Square. The route will take cyclists through various locations, including the Hainan Island Tourist Road, Longwan, Tanmen, Asia Bay Avenue, Bo'ao Tunnel, Ocean Avenue, Peilan Bridge, Wanquan River Road, and finally ending at City Hall Square, covering a total distance of 92.6 kilometers. The overall elevation change on this stage is not significant. There is a sprint point at 17 kilometers from the starting point and a Category 4 climbing point at 30.3 kilometers from the starting point, with a climb length of 700 meters.

As an important stop in the previous editions of the Tour of Hainan, Qionghai City has become the host city for the first time this year and serves as the starting point for the race. Qionghai is located in the eastern part of Hainan Province, along the middle and lower reaches of the Wanquan River. It is known as the hometown of the Red Detachment of Women, the host city of the prestigious "Boao Forum for Asia," and a vibrant and charming Chinese excellent tourist city.

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Boao Forum for Asia Venue

The arrival of the Tour of Hainan will showcase the beautiful natural scenery and historical and cultural landmarks of Qionghai to audiences worldwide. The race teams will soon enter the newly upgraded Hainan Island Tourist Road, known as the "National Coastal Highway." This main road stretches for 988.2 kilometers in total, with 517 kilometers of it being newly constructed. The Qionghai section of the main road covers a length of 46.7 kilometers and is divided into four themed sections: "Coconut Grove Charm," "Sparse Forest Recreation," "Colorful Holidays," and "Coastal Living."

第一赛段 图片3.png

第一赛段 图片4.png

Hainan Island Tourist Road - Qionghai Section

Along the racecourse, amidst swaying coconut trees and the sound of the sea, with waves crashing against the shore, in the fishing town of Tanmen, cyclists will experience a different kind of harbor charm. Tanmen Town is the largest central fishing port on the eastern coast of Hainan and has a history of thousands of years as a fishing town. The China (Hainan) South China Sea Museum serves as a national-level museum dedicated to showcasing the cultural history and natural ecology of the South China Sea, preserving underwater cultural heritage, and promoting cultural exchange among countries and regions along the Maritime Silk Road. The ongoing series of exhibitions related to the Maritime Silk Road aims to create a cultural exchange platform for the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road."

第一赛段 图片5.png

China (Hainan) South China Sea Museum

Cycling to the BFA (Boao Forum for Asia) Countryside Town, with sunlight filtering through the treetops, feels like stepping into a picturesque southern paradise reminiscent of the Silk Road. Boao combines eight geographical features of rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, ridges, springs, islands, and hills, boasting the essence of resources such as coconut groves, beaches, unique rocks, hot springs, and pastoral landscapes. In 2001, the "Asia Forum" permanently settled in Boao, Hainan, bringing fame to this tranquil and secluded town. With the forum's influence, Boao quickly transformed from a small fishing village into a renowned forum town. Each year, millions of guests and tourists from both China and abroad come here, drawn by its reputation.

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Boao Countryside Town

The Hainan Boao Water City Tourist Area is located within the Boao Asia Forum Special Planning Zone and includes various attractions such as the Boao Asia Forum Founding Site, Boao Yudai Beach, Boao Mandarin Duck Island, Boao Shapo Island Golf Course, the public commercial service area known as Boao Fengqing Square Commercial Pedestrian Street, accommodation facilities at the Boao Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel, as well as the waters of the Wanquan River, Jiuqu River, and Longgun River estuaries. This area boasts a unique combination of water and islands, with beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks all in one place.

第一赛段 图片7.png

Hainan Boao Water City Tourist Area

The Qionghai stage is full of surprises and beauty. It is not only a sports competition challenge, but also an unforgettable journey on the tip of the tongue. Qionghai is rich in natural resources and has many unique delicacies. The best specialties are duck, goose and fish. Qionghai Jiaji duck has white skin and thick meat, attractive aroma, seasonings to enhance the taste, refreshing, crispy and intriguing. It is one of the four famous dishes in Hainan, including white-chopped hot spring goose, clear-cooked Wanquan carp, and Tanmen fish. It is a well-known gourmet dish. Qionghai's multi-grain desserts, smooth mango rice rolls, refreshing Qing Bu Liang(a cooling dessert), nourishing Ji Shi Teng and crispy pig intestine cake...the sweet taste will make your lips linger.

On October 4th, the grand opening ceremony of the 14th Hainan Tourism Investment Cup 2023 Tour of Hainan Island will take place in Qionghai. At that moment, top-level teams and cyclists from around the world will gather here, marking the spectacular return of the island race. Together, they will experience the unique charm of "Beautiful Qionghai, Happy Homeland."