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About Us

Tour of Hainan is jointly organized by the General Administration of Sport of China,the People’s Government of Hainan Province.Tour of Hainan is an important sporting event,it has been proposed and supported in an announcement of the State Council entitled “On promoting the Development of International Tourism on Hainan Island”.

  • Since2006

  • 1481.4km

  • 2.Prolevel

Development History

  • Hit the World2006

    The 1st Tour of Hainan

    The natural competition arena came on the scene.

  • Upgrading2007

    The 2nd Tour of Hainan

    Its organization and coordination matured.

  • Relay2008

    The 3rd Tour of Hainan

    Competitors literally cycled around the island for the first time.

  • Summit2009

    The 4th Tour of Hainan

    It jumped to be a top-level event in Asia.

  • Baptism2010

    The 5th Tour of Hainan

    Rain and storm was the witness of sportsmanship.

  • Breakthrough2011

    The 6th Tour of Hainan

    We forged ahead to seek breakthrough.

  • Elevation2012

    The 7th Tour of Hainan

    Setting a new record to rise to the top.

  • Brilliance2013

    The 8th Tour of Hainan

    We embraced new glory.

  • Innovation2014

    The 9th Tour of Hainan

    We brought forth new ideas to blaze a trail.

  • New Chapter2015

    The 10th Tour of Hainan

    Ten years of cycling around the island opened a new century dream.

  • Whole-region Tour2016

    The 11th Tour of Hainan

    Traveled across the whole region and discovered new possibilities.

  • Beautiful New Hainan2017

    The 12th Tour of Hainan

    International Tour of Hainan, beautiful new Hainan.

  • Embrace New Dreams2018

    The 13th Tour of Hainan

    International Tour of Hainan, splendid new dreams.

Brand Reputation

Tour of Hainan won the title of “National Sports Tourism High-quality Event” in June 2017. This project, together with “National Sports Tourism Demonstration Base”, is carried out jointly by China National Tourism Administration and the General Administration of Sport of China. It is a recognition and praise of the contribution Tour of Hainan has made in these years.


In December 2017, Tour of Hainan was listed in the “National Sports Industry Demonstration Projects”, which proved that as an event with high economic and social benefits, Tour of Hainan promoted the development of the sports industry and played an exemplary role.

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