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Scenic Spots

Wanning city

Wanning city, one of the four most famous city in Hainan, was named as Wanzhou in ancient times. It is reputed as “Home of longevity”, “Home of coffee”, “Home of areca-nut”, “Home of hot spring”, “Home of calligraphy”, “Home of overseas Chines”, “City of delicacy”, and “Heaven for golf”. It boasts not only natural tourism resources, including rugged mountains, caves, grotesque stones, beaches, islands, hot springs, rare animals and plants, and gorgeous seaside scenery, but also cultural relics and revolutionary sites. In Wanning, you can admire Dongshan Mountain, the “Most beautiful mountain in Hainan”, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, the “Tropical Garden and Orchards”, Dazhou Island, the “Pearl of the South China Sea”, as well as Shimei Bay, Nanyan Bay, Riyue Bay, etc.

Waning also gains its popularity from local delicacies. The most popular four dishes of Wanning are Dongshan Sheep, Hele Crab, Gangbei Prawn and Houan Mullet, the first two of which are listed as two of the most famous four dishes of Hainan. Moreover, bird’s nest of Dazhou Island and Xinglong coffee are famous around the world. 

Scenic Spots
Hele Town

Hele Town is located in the east coast of Wanning City, bordering Shan’gen Town on the north, Hou'an Town on the south, Liulian Mountain on the west and the sea on the east. It covers an area of 80.4 square kilometers, known for one of “Hainan’s four famous dishes”, Hele crab. “Hele Crab” is famous for its hard shell and rich paste. It is listed as four famous products in Hainan with Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck and Dongshan Mutton. 

“Hele Crab” cooking methods are in great varieties, each has its own flavor. Steaming is the most popular way to cook crabs as it can maintain not only crabs’ original flavor, and also their original appearance.

Houan Sea

Houan Sea, called “cornucopia” by local people, is one of the largest inland seas in China. It is home to the famous Hele Crab and Dongshan Mutton. Houan Mullet, another famous marine product in Houan Sea, is called “Three famous marine products in Gangbei Sea” together with Hele Crab and Gangbei Prawn.

Gangbei Port

Gangbei Port is China's only dragon boat town that has lasted a thousand years. It used to be an important port for fishing and foreign trade. According to the annals of Wanning County, the tradition of holding dragon boat race every year has been preserved in this region since the Song Dynasty. The China’s Dragon Boat Race was introduced into Wanning in 2012. In the first race of the China’s Dragon Boat Race held in Wanning in March 2015, Hele Town was awarded the title of “China Dragon Boat Town” by the Chinese Longzhou Association. Gangbei Port thus became the first stop of the China’s Dragon Boat Race and the only site that holds dragon boat race in the sea. Gangbei region is rich in marine products, the most well-known ones of which are mackerels and prawns. Their great taste made them indispensable dishes at home and abroad. The delicacy of seafood has something to do with the seawater in Gangbei region. When fresh water rushes to the port and mingles with salt water at low tide, the salinity will be around 30-33, which is most suitable for fishes. There are also lots of sea plants on the seafloor that were rich in vitamins, providing food for fishes and shrimps, such as seaweed and kelp.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and Xinglong Tropical Garden

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is the first tropical botanical garden opened to guests in Hainan. There are more than 1200 kinds of plants in the garden, including tropical cash crops, e.g., coffee, pepper, vanilla, and cocoa trees, and other rare fruit trees, such as durian and mangosteen. Rare plants from home and abroad can be found here. It is a beautiful comprehensive tropical botanical garden with functions of scientific research, science popularization, sightseeing and germplasm conservation. Walking in the garden, you may have a feeling of walking in a beautiful painting.

Xinglong Tropical Garden is within Xinglong Huaqiao Farm in southeastern Hainan. It boasts tropical rainforest plants, tropical rainforest valleys, and rare tropical plants. You can not only feel the wonder of nature here, but also feel the interdependence between mankind and nature. 

Tourism highway from Shimei Bay to Dahuajiao

Tourism highway from Shimei Bay to Dahuajiao, situated on the eastern coast of Wanning City is known as a “storytelling” tourism highway. It starts from the exit of Shimei Bay on the South and reaches Dahuajiao Bay on the north. The highway passes through many beautiful bays, such Shimei Bay, Nanyan Bay, Shenzhou Peninsula, Laoye Sea, Houtan Beach, Baoding Bay, Chunyuan Bay and Dahuajiao Bay. Driving on this highway, you can enjoy various views, such as the sea, beaches, mountains, inland seas, rivers and countryside. Along the highway, there plants nearly 70 kinds of trees and shrubs, e.g., madagascar almond, hibiscus rosa-sinensis, lantana, and mango. There are also viewing decks and watchtowers. Tourism highway from Shimei Bay to Dahuajiao is as beautiful as a painting.

Qingpi (Euonymus Oxyphyllus) Forest

Liji Qingpi Forest Nature Reserve was listed as the first batch of provincial key scenic spots and nature reserves by Hainan Provincial People’s Government on October 24th, 1988. Euonymus oxyphyllus is tall and straight. Its trunk is cone-shaped and its bark is smooth and sage-green with pale green plaques on it. Euonymus oxyphyllus is a high-quality wood in Hainan. Euonymus oxyphyllus has high drought, humidity and cold resistance. Even if a typhoon attacks, it would only break some branches. Sometimes its leaves go yellow, they can quickly turn green when it rains. It is a fine wood for boats, bridges, pillars, pillows, furniture and fine woodwork as it is hard, beautiful and has high heat and corrosion resistance. Euonymus oxyphyllus grows only in China, Malaysia and India. And in China’s coastal cities, only Shimei Bay plants Euonymus oxyphyllus.

Shenzhou Peninsula

Shenzhou Peninsula, situated 3km to the junction of Hainan Eastern Highway G98 Xinglong and Shenzhou Peninsula Highway, is 10km away from Hainan Xinglong Huaqiao Tourist Area. Shenzhou Peninsula, surrounded by the sea on three sides, covers an area of 24 square kilometers. It is about 8.7 kilometers long from east to south, 2.7 kilometers from west to north. It borders Niubiao Moutain on the east, South China Sea on the south, the port of Laoye Sea on the West and Dongao Port on the north. As a large-scale scenic spot in Wanning, it is spring all year round in Shenzhou Peninsula. It has a typical tropical coastal features as the average temperature here is 24.4℃, and the annual sunshine duration is as long as 290 days. The landform of the peninsula is mainly sandy land, beach, woodland and mountain forest. With waters and mountains, you can admire the beautiful scenery and fresh air in Shenzhou Peninsula. If you like water sports, you cannot miss entertainments here, such as high-speed motorboat and seaplane.

Sun River

The Sun River originated in Zhanling Mountain of Qiongzhong County, with an altitude of 875 meters. It passes through Nanlin, Xinglong, Niulou, Changfeng, Liji, Dongao, Wancheng, and Beipo. It goes from Gangbei Sea to the South China Sea through Gangbei Port, together with Longtou River and Longwei River. The Sun River is 75.7km long within Wanning, with its basin area being 593 square kilometers. It is an important ecological river in the tropical area of China as the soil here is so fertile that many plants grow along the river banks, including rainforest, primitive forest, artificial rubber forest, and natural coconut forest.

Dongshan Mountain

Dongshan Mountain Scenic Spot is located 2 km east of Wanning City. Dongshan Mountain was also called Pen Holder Mountain in antient times as it looks like a pen holder with tree peaks stand side by side. As one of the earliest tourist attractions in Hainan Province, it enjoyed equal popularity with the Temple of Five Lords, Luhuitou Tourism Area, Tianya Haijiao Tourism Area and Dongtian Park, and it is reputed as the “Most beautiful mountain in Hainan”. The “flying stone” appeared in the TV series “A Dream of Red Mansions” is exactly on Dongshan Mountain.

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