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Scenic Spots

Lingshui Li Autonomous County

Lingshui Li Autonomous County is located in the southeast of Hainan Island. It is bordered by the South China Sea on the east, Sanya City on the south, Baoting County on the West, Wanning City and Qiongzhong County on the north. Lingshui has a large population of Li, Han and Miao nationalities. It is rich in natural resources, especially in mineral resources, tropical plants, tourism and marine resources.

Lingshui has a revolutionary history and rich human and natural tourism resources. There are 17 scenic spots in Lingshu, including mainly Soviet government ruins, stone tablet engraving by Japanese troops, Sanmei Temple, Nanwan Monkey Island, Diaoluoshan National Forest Park, Xiangshui Bay, Boundary Island, Coconut Island, Tufu Bay, Qingshui Bay, and Gaofeng Hot Spring. Nanwan Monkey Island is the most famous scenic spot among those mentioned above, and also the only macaque nature reserve in China.

Scenic Spots
Diaoluoshan Forest Park

Diaoluoshan Forest Park is located in Lingshui County, southeast of Hainan province. It covers an area of 3.8 hectares and is one of the five largest forests in Hainan. It is also one of the rare lowland primitive tropical rainforest areas in China. And it was evaluated as the National Forest Park by the State Forestry Administration in June, 1998. With a maximum altitude of 1499 meters, the Diaoluo Mountain is almost the same height as Mount Tai and it is one of the rare and precious tropical rainforest areas in our country. The plant population is extremely rich, with more than 3,500 species, and there are more than 250 kinds of orchid. This place is suitable for bicycle riding and eco-tourism. It not only has lakes, mountains, and waterfalls, but also has some natural tourist attractions, including giant ancient trees.

Dali Waterfall

You need to go deep into the Diaoluoshan Rainforest to find the paradise--Dali waterfall. As long as you enter the original tropical rainforest of the Diaoluo Mountain, and then walk along the tree-lined green road built in the scenic area, you will hear the gurgle of waterfall even though you do not see it. Surrounded by quiet water, dense forest, beautiful flowers, crisp birdsong and the sound of the waterfall, you may feel intoxicated here. The Li people in Dali live in harmony with the blue sky and green water. There is no embarrassment and prosperity like outside world, and the customs and the simplicity of the Li people are preserved. There are many waterfalls in Hainan. It not only has beautiful coastal scenery but also has extremely attractive waterfalls. Most of these waterfalls are hidden in virgin forests and have not been exploited.

Lingshui River

Lingshui River is commonly known as Daxi River. With a total length of 75 kilometers, it is the fourth longest river in Hainan. Containing many streams of Baoting, Qiongzhong and Lingshui, it is the mother river of more than 400,000 people in Lingshui and Baoting. The terrain of the Lingshui River Basin is low in southeast and high in northwest. Due to the topography, the main rivers in the Lingshui River Basin flow from northwest to southeast or from north to south. You may enjoy fresh air, flourishing plants, and beautiful countryside here. In addition, the Elong Ridge and Qixianling Ridge, which are on the upper reaches of the river, are mysterious. The sublime and super-stepped Diaoluo Mountain and Baishui Ridge are in the middle of the Lingshui River, while Daxi Ridge and Changshui Ridge straddles from the north to the south of the lower reaches.

Xiaomeihu Reservoir

Xiaomeihu Reservoir is located in the Diaoluoshan Forest, 25 kilometers away from Lingshui County. It is the largest artificial lake in the county. It has a storage capacity of 45 million cubic meters, a water surface of 750 acres and a rain collection area of 80.7 square kilometers. If you walk along the lakeside road in fine weather, the lake is like a jasper inlaid in the surrounding green hills. And in rainy days, the haunting clouds, dark green remote mountains and misty mountain views are also excellent scenery. In rain reason, the trees will reflect in the water. While in dry season, the shore is highlighted and the lake is always like a long scroll of ink and wash.

Coconut Tree Continent Island

Coconut Tree Continent Island is located in Haitang Bay of Sanya City, close to the estuary of the Tengqiao River in Lingshui county. Coconut trees in this island are artificially planted. The oldest trees are more than one hundred years old. From the Hainan East Line, passing through this place, you can see the coconut trees along the banks of the river from the window, extending to the sea. This island is naturally formed by 18 islands with a total area of more than 3 square kilometers. Under the dual effects of rivers and tides, the number of these islands, which are actually sandbars, has maintained an increasing trend, creating the spectacle of “active islands”.

Li'an Port

Li'an Port is located in the southeast of Lingshui County, with Xiangshui Bay on the north and Qingshui Bay on the south. Li’an Town is adjacent to Xincun Town, which is slightly quieter than the village of Xincun. Driving through the town, you can reach Li’an port in five minutes. Li’an Port is a naturally formed lagoon and it is connected to the sea by a tens of meters wide waterway. Standing at the mouth of Li’an port, you will find a rough sea on one side and a mirrored harbor on the other. Li’an Port faces the sea in three sides and has a coastline of 6 kilometers. It is adjacent to the Nanwan Monkey Island Nature Reserve. At the Mazu Temple next to the port, the incense is constantly on the weekdays, especially on the 1st and 15th day of every month, and fishermen who want to set off will go to the temple to scent and pray for safe.

Nanwan Monkey Island

Nanwan Monkey Island is located in Nanwan Peninsula, about 14 kilometers south of Lingshui County, Hainan Province. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and has a long and narrow shape. The total area is 10.2 square kilometers, and it has 12 hills. There are countless caves on the jagged mountain. There are extraordinary variety of  flora and fauna on Nanwan Monkey Island, with a forest coverage rate of 95% and abundant ecological resources. The island is rich in broad-leaved forests and shrubs, with flowers all year round, beautiful scenery as well as pleasant climate. There are nearly 1,500 active and lovely macaques on the island, which are protected animals of national second-class.  Nanwan Monkey Island is China’s only tropical island-type macaque nature reserve. In order to maintain the mystery and highlight the characteristics of the Monkey Island, the Monkey Island Scenic Spot has always emphasized the rational development and construction of Nanwan Monkey Island Ecological Scenic Spot under the premise of protecting the original ecological environment of the Monkey Island.

Tanka Water Fishing Port

On the cable car to Nanwan Monkey Island, visitors can overlook floating cabins in the Xincun Port along the fairway, such scenery is just like a water city. Around the house, there are floating grids of wooden cages of similar size and arranged in a well-organized cage. This is what the locals call the “fishing raft”, besides, the ground bamboo fence and its reflection on the water surface make the entire port look like an aquatic garden. Most of the residents on the fishing rafts are Tanka people. This special group have been in Xincun Port for more than 500 year, and most of their ancestors came from Quanzhou, Fujian, Nanhai, and Shunde in Guangdong. They make a living by fishing and live on board all year round. Despite the historical changes, they have retained folk customs that are completely different from other nationalities. Tanka people have their own language, which is similar to Cantonese, and belongs to the vernacular language family. They have always been on board except for new year’s day and other festivals, so they are called people living on the sea.

Qingshui Bay

In the southeast of Lingshui Li Autonomous County in Hainan,  Qingshui Bay has the clearest water in the city. The water in Qingshui Bay meets the national first-class marine water quality standard. The visibility is as high as 25 meters, the beach is wading 200 meters away, and the water depth is only 2 meters. It is the world’s top-class natural beach. Qingshui Bay not only has clear sea water, but also has extremely delicate sand. The sand and stone friction on the beach will create a silver bell-like sound, so Qingshui Bay is also known as a singing beach. Qingshui Bay coast enjoys spectacular reef and sandy beach, including clear water, white sand, precipitous ridges and grotesque  rocks. It combines different landscape resources of eastern and western part of Hainan, presenting you the beauty of nature.

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