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Wuzhishan City

Wuzhishan City is located in the hinterland of south central Hainan. It is the central city and transportation hub of the central part of Hainan Island, and is also the settlement of ethnic minorities in central Hainan Province. Wuzhishan City is also known as the Emerald Mountain City and is famous for being located under the Wuzhishan Mountain, the highest mountain in Hainan province. Due to its high altitude and low latitude, Wuzhishan is densely forested and rich in light, heat and water resources.

Wuzhishan City has a mild climate. Its famous scenic spots include Wuzhishan City Rainforest, Atuoling Forest Park, Hainan National Museum, Qizhiling Ridge, Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese National Culture Village, Wolong Mountain, Taipingshan Waterfall, Qiongzhou College, Hairui Zuju, Qiongyagongxue Memorial Pavilion, Yinggeling Ridge, Ganshiling Ridge, National Museum and Antique Li Village, Baisha Uprising Memorial Hall, Xianlong Cave, Li and Miao National Song and Dance Promenade, Wood Color Tourist Resort Scenic Area, etc.

Scenic Spots
Red Canyon Cultural Tourism Scenic Area

Wuzhishan Red Canyon Cultural Tourism Scenic Area is located in Nansheng Town, Wuzhishan City, 12 kilometers away from Wuzhishan downtown area. The scenic spot covers an area of 20 hectares, with a total investment of 1.2 billion RMB. The scenic area takes Wuzhishan tropical rain forest and canyon rafting as the theme. Based on Li and Miao culture, it explores the connotation of Chinese health culture and implants diversified elements, forming a complex scenic spot integrating sightseeing, recreation and living. There are four main tourist resources: tropical rainforest experience, red canyon rafting, mountain recreation and hot spring. At present, the scenic area has had rafting in the Red Canyon. The whole journey is 3.8 kilometers, with a drop of more than 80 meters. It is named after the rocks along the way are washed by mountains and rain and form a yellow-red color. The rocky wall of the canyon is precipitous, the river is full of rocks and the coast plants the original tropical rain forest.

Shuiman Village

Shuiman Village is located at the foot of Wuzhishan Mountain, the northeast of Wuzhishan City, 34 kilometers away from the downtown area of Wuzhishan City and 8 kilometers away from Haiyu Central Line. Shuiman first appeared in Hainan Local Chronicles in Qing Dynasty. At that time, it was one of the six hexagrams of the naturalized map of Ding’an County. In Chinese, it means very old and supreme. Its location is just like the meaning of its name, the highest village in Hainan province. The geographic elevation of the government is 635 meters, while Shuiman village is the highest village, 15 meters higher than the township government. Shuiman village abounds with wild tea since antient times. It can be used to produce green tea, namely, Shuiman Tea. It is famous, but has limited output. It was once an imperial tribute in Qing Dynasty. In addition to green tea, Shuiman Village also abounds with beef, Wuzhishan pork, Shuiman duck, Shanlan rice and Xibing liquor made with Shanlan rice.

Yahu Terraced Fields

Yahu terraced fields is located in Maoyang Town, Wuzhishan City. It is 4 kilometers away from Maoyang Town. It has a hardened cement country road and is 40 kilometers away from Wuzhishan City. Starting from Wuzhishan city, you need to climb the steep and rugged Atuo Ridge. There are more than 73 hectares of terraced fields, the highest altitude is 600 meters, the lowest 20 meters, and the maximum slope is 30 degrees. From the raging Changhua River Valley to the foothills of the white clouds, terraces have been developed wherever there is mud. Interestingly, in this vast terraced fields, the largest field is only about 0.08 hectares. The smallest one can only plant hundreds of seedlings. In the local area, there are some popular sayings, e.g., “A frog can jump over three hills” and “A quilt may cover a field”.

Atuoling Forest Park

Locating on the northern countryside of Feicui Town in Wuzhishan City, Atuoling is 1000m from the downtown and stands in the 200km milestone in Haiyu Middle Line. When you overlook the south from the peak of the main mountain, the whole Atuoling looks like a “U”. The canyon is about 200m in depth with the forest cover area of 160,000 acres. In the forest park, you can enjoy mountain views, waterscapes and natural landscapes, including primitive forest, plantations, brooks, springs, winding hills, Taiping Waterfall and Qingchun Ling Waterfall. Riding into the forest area through the mountain road, various rare trees, twittering birds and chirping insects will bring you a fresh and delightful experience. As a well-known queen stage of Tour of Hainan, Atuoling is extremely challenging. Its rugged and twisting mountain road requires patience and strength of riders. More importantly, teamwork and cooperation are essential.

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