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Yangpu Economic Development Zone

Located on Yangpu Peninsula on the northwest of Hainan, Yangpu Economic Development Zone is the National Development Zone enjoying bonded zone policies approved by the State Council in 1992.

Yangpu Economic Development Zone stands in the center of Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Belt. It is across the sea with Guangxi to the north; connected by a stream with Vietnam to the west; close to ASEAN Free Trade Area; around 370.4 meters away from over 20 ports; and it is the nearest deepwater port from Beibu Gulf to the international main airlines. Meanwhile, the zone is also the nearest reserve base of fossil fuels from the petroleum and natural gas resources in the South China Sea and oil resources in the Middle East and the first stage for oil and gas from the Middle East and Africa to enter China.

Baimajing Historic Site

Baimajing Historic Site is in Baimajing Town, Danzhou City. Its main scenes include “Baima Spring” and Fubo General (a title in antient times, in charge of suppressing rebellions) Temple. Here is an ancient legend records that in Han Dynasty, a Fubo General led an army to the south. His white horse dug sands and discovered a spring, which is the origin of the historic site’s name. Later on, to commemorate this hero, local people built the temple and the well, which has become the tourism attractions now.

Ocean Flower Island

As an artificial island, Ocean Flower Island stands in the Gulf area between Paipu Port and Yangpu Port in Danzhou City. From south to north, it starts from Paipu Town to Baima Town, on the distance of over 600m to the coastline with a scan of around 6.8km. The island consists of three separated offshore islands, with the total planned area of around 8 km2 and a planned flat form of three flowers blooming in the sea, which is the origin of the name. The island is planned to be built as a casual tourism island, with the themes of stylish hotel zone, food and culture street, seven-star hotel, wetland park, film and media production base, ecological sanatorium, ocean park, beaches and swimming pools, and Yacht club, collecting the functions of public entertainment, business, club member activities, and casual vacation.

Yangpu Cross-sea Bridge

Yangpu Cross-sea Bridge starts from Shugang Avenue in Yangpu Economic Development Zone to Yanhai Road in Baimajing Town, with a total length of 3.3 km. The main bridge is 820m in length, while the south bridge approach is 734m and the northern one is 554m. The bridge is the most difficult and highest standardize cross-sea bridge in the bridge construction history in Hainan. After opening to traffic, Yangpu Economic Development Zone will enjoy all services of the market, resource, and information in the provincial capital city to fasten the development speed of Yangpu.

Danzhou Ancient Saltpan

The thousand-year Saltpan is governed by Yangpu Economic Development Zone, standing on Yantian Village in the south side of Xinying Bay District Office. The saltpan has over 1,200-year history, with the total area of 50 hectares, over 7,300 salt tanks of different shapes, and an annual output of 500 tons. It is the earliest salt making place by insolation as well as the ancient saltpan with the best-protected original method to make salt in China. The process of making salt is ancient, original and unique. Firstly, the seawater will be mixed by the sundried sands from beaches, then filtrated and sundried in the basalt salt tanks to make the salt. The produced salt is white like snow, fine like cotton, and has a moderate taste, with the advantages of natural, fine particles and directly edible. It is the high-quality material of salt. 

Danzhou Bay (Xinying Port)

Lying on the western Danzhou City, Danzhou Bay is near Yangpu Economic Development Zone. It is one of the several bays that are not developed yet. Around Danzhou Bay, you can admire the fantastic ancient saltpan that has lasted for a thousand years, Dongpo Academy, Baimajing and Danzhou Ancient City. Xinying Port stands in the east of Danzhou Bay and the southeast angle of Xinying Bay. When a boat starts from the port to the west, it can enter Beibu Gulf through Majing Port and Yangpu Port. On the south of the port, an over-300m beach with the shape of sand tongue reaches to Xinying Bay straightly, appearing when the tide ebbs.

Hainan State Farm (Xipei Farm)

Established in January 1952, Hainan State Farm has a total area of 785,900 hectares, with 190,000 employees. The enterprises and institutions belonging to Hainan State Farm can be seen in 18 cities and counties in Hainan Province, including 47 state-owned farms and 3 direct hospitals. It is the third-largest national state farms, following Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and Heilongjiang State Farms. State-owned Xipei Farm stands on the south of Danzhou City, Hainan Province. The northeastern area is next to State-owned Xiqing Farm and Experimental Farm of Southern China Tropical Corps Institute. To the east, the farm is near Gaozheng, Shamao and Yingge Mountains, Keren Town and Baisha Town to the south, and it is neighbored by Nanfeng Town. To the west, it is connected with State-owned Bayi Farm and linked with Dacheng Town on the northwest. The office of the farm is near Nanchen Ruins, located on the 14km milestone from Haiyu West Line to Nada Town. The farm, established in 1953, was the original 1st regiment of the 5th division of Guangzhou Military Area Command Production and Construction Corps. In June 1974, the State Council and the Central Military Commission of the PRC revoked the designation and recovered the name of each state-owned farm. 

Dongpo Academy

Dongpo Academy, formerly Zaijiu Hall, was built in 1097 (4th year of Shaosheng in the Northern Song Dynasty). It situates in the eastern suburbs of Zhonghe Town, Danzhou City, where Su Dongpo gave lectures. It is one of the Key Cultural Relic units under State Protections, known as Tiannan Scenic Spot all over the world. The trees and flowers are flourishing in the courtyard. A plaque is hung in the middle of its gate, with four Chinese characters on it, “Xiansheng Yuezhi” (meaning Su Dongpo is happy to be banished to Danzhou). Two Chinese antithetical couplets are hung on both sides of the gate, saying “Guests are actively chanting poems about dense bamboo forest in different styles, just like the same spectacular views when we were educated in the old days.” Many manuscripts written by Su Dongpo and historical relics are displayed in the academy. Inscriptions on the tablet of poems and paintings from famous scholars in the past, including the paint of “Su Dongpo Wearing a Bamboo Hat and Clogs” inscribed by Song Lian, a famous poet in the early Ming Dynasty. The academy also displayed over 300 artworks of famous calligraphers and painters, including Guo Moruo, Deng Tuo, and Tian Han. The colored statue of Dongpo giving lectures stands in the middle of the exhibition hall, together with the statues of Su Dongpo, Su Guo, Li Ziyun and other scholars. Besides, the bronze statue of “Dongpo Wearing a Bamboo Hat and Clogs”, based on the story that Su Dongpo suffered from the rain when he was going to visit Li Ziyun, stands on the western garden. 

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