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Sanya City

Sanya City. Standing in the southmost of Hainan Province, also known as “the Deer City” and “Oriental Hawaii”, Sanya is an international tourism city with the feature of tropical seaside landscapes and one of the key ports for China foreign trade.

The geographical environment in Sanya is extremely unique. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, this city puts magnificent mountains, splendid sea, and wonderful rivers together with a brand name for clear seawater and white beach, flourishing rainforest, and cheap and cheerful seafood. In Sanya, you can enjoy the popular tourists’ destinations such as Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, and the Great East Sea as well as the world-famous vacationlands, including Ultima Thule, Fairyland (Sanya Dongtian Park), the Statue of Guanyin, and Yuzhizhou Island.

Yanoda Tropical Rainforest

As the only real tropical rainforest standing at 18 degrees north latitude in China, Yanoda Tropical Rainforest is the essence of Five Best Tropical Rainforest in Hainan; also known as the most ornamental value museum of tropical rainforest as well as the diamond level of rainforest in China. Yanoda is only 35km away from Sanya city. On the north side, it is near Wuzhishan Mountain and Qixianling, while on the east side, it overlooks the magnificent South China Sea. Natural landscapes and tropical rainforest are the main views here, combining with excellent culture of tropical rainforest, Li and Dong ethnic minority, South Medicine, and 12 symbolic animals, which is to build a high-level, high-taste and high-quality attraction of ecological and cultural tourism with the main style of “original, green and ecological”.

Binglanggu Hainan Li and Miao Cultural Heritage Park

Established in 1998, Binglanggu Hainan Li and Miao Cultural Heritage Park is located in the Ganshiling Nature Reserve at the junction of Baoting County and Sanya City. There are thousands of graceful betel palms in this area. It is the first ethnic culture based AAAAA National Tourist Attraction, one of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Productive Protection Bases, and the Top 10 Film Shooting Bases. Binglanggu consists of seven regions for the cultural experience which are Intangible Cultural Heritage Village, Ganzali Village, rainforest Miao Village, bucolic Li Village, a great live musical drama Areca and the Ancient Rhymes, orchid cabins, and Li-Miao-style food street. Ten of the National Intangible Cultural Heritages are exhibited as well, and UNESCO has inscribed traditional Li textile techniques: spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidering on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding upon the proposal of China. Furthermore, with distinct cultural charm, Binglanggu is one of the main venues for the traditional Hainan Li-Miao Sanyuesan Festival and the Star Water Festival and is regarded as the living fossil of Hainan ethnic culture. 

Zhongliao Village

Zhongliao Village is standing on the north of Sanya City, away from the noise of the city, and living in harmony. If you have been accustomed to the modern and fashionable views and luxury hotel, you will be attracted by this village—various green plants will fill your eyes; fruits will weight the branches down; chickens and ducks enjoy their leisure life. There is a pool in front of each house. When you stand in front of a pool, the ocean of Gesang flowers will come into your eyesight with green hills in the distance. The village is simple and clear but not crude, being together with tidy roads, exquisite wooden plank road, and classical Li style house. Moreover, you can enjoy flowers, pick fruits, ride in the village, go fishing, and taste farmhouse dishes here, having an amazing and interesting experience. 

Haitang Bay

Being considered as “National Seashore”, Haitang Bay is 28km away from Sanya’s downtown; 40km from Phoenix International Airport. Its national scarce tourism resources can be compared with world-famous coastal tourist resorts. With 21.8km of coastline, the area of Haitang Bay owns beaches, folk cultures, springs and islands as well as the 13.8km of ecological river network, a lagoon with a total area of 8 km2, and abundant wetland resources. You will be enchanted with the bright sunshine, clear blue sea, pure white beaches, coconut forests, and friendly folk custom. At present, you can find a series of internationally renowned vacation resorts and entertainment equipment such as international tax-free shopping mall and a seven-star hotel—Atlantis Sanya.  

Wuzhizhou Island

Located on the scenic area of Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou Island is a heaven of vacation behind the beautiful landscapes of Yalong Bay, being named the Maldives in China. From south to north, the island is 1100m in width with the 5.7km coastline and the 79.9m south highest mountain. In the east, south, and west side of the island, totally 2700 kinds of native plants from 85 families are growing here, including tall and erect arbor and flourish shrub, especially for Alsophila spinulosa, a fantastic plant has lived since the dinosaur era, and dracaena cambodiana, the oldest plant in the earth, called “The God of Longevity in Earth Plants”. Moreover, you will see tropical plant views like parasitic trees and strangling plants as you go. Wuzhizhou Island has a reputation for the “Top One Diving Base of China”. The waters here bound with the green snail, sea cucumber, lobster, mackerel, sea urchin, silvery pomfret and colorful tropical fishes, visibility of which is 6-27 meters. On the seabed of the southern water grow well-protected coral reefs. Wuzhizhou Island, the best diving base in China, is one of the few islands which have few rocks and pebbles.

Dadonghai Scenic Spot

Sanya Dadonghai is one of the famous beaches in Hainan. It is situated in the eastern suburb of Sanya City, 3km away from Sanya Town, and is a naturally formed half-moon shallow bay between Tuweiling and Luhuitou Park, bordering on Yulin Port. Supporting facilities such as a variety of hotels, large seashore square, tourist submarine, diving base, are fully equipped in the seaside resort. Multiple water activities and beach sports are held throughout the year. Walking eastbound along the beach for three or four hundred meters, it is a small coastal park. There is a hill in this park, and a sea-watching pavilion sits on the top of the hill where visitors can overlook the sea. An egret park is near here, and it is a paradise for egrets that they can be seen everywhere around the lake.

Luhuitou Park

Luhuitou Park is in a seaside hill where is 3km away from Sanya’s downtown in the south and surrounded by the sea on the other three sides. The main peak is 275.1m in height. The cape is merged with the sea so that you can overlook the magnificent sea, undulating mountains and the wonderful panorama of the city. A story states that in ancient time, a handsome Li hunter with a red headscarf, bow and arrows chased an Eld’s deer to the seaside of the South Sea from Five Fingers Mountain, tramping over ninety-nine mountains and crossing ninety-nine rivers. There was no road but sea for the deer, so she stopped, staood on the cliff and turned around. Her eyesight was clear and beautiful with sadness, leading to the hunter unconsciously laid his weapon down. Suddenly, a fire was shining, then the fog was fluttering. The deer became a beautiful Li girl. In the end, the hunter and the girl got married and lived happily ever after. Thus, the hill was given a name of “Luhuitou (a deer returned around)” and the Hainan’s highest statue “Luhuitou”, which is based on the beautiful love story, has become Sanya’s city statue. Sanya is also given a name, “Deer City”.

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