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Scenic Spots

Changjiang County

Changjiang County. Changjiang Li Autonomous County locates in the west of Hainan Island. It is adjacent to Baisha Li Autonomous County on the east, bordering on Ledong Li Autonomous County on the south, facing Dongfang City with Changhua river as the boundary on the southwest, close to Beibu Gulf on the northwest and abutted Zhubi river and Danzhou City on the northeast.

Changjiang culture has a long tradition with an age-old history of folk art and diverse content. Li’s dances, antiphonal singing, Han’s swing, folk song singing, dragon and lion dance, and folk song gathering are part of local folk art in Changjiang, especially Li’s traditional annual Sanyuesan Festival and the Han’s Dragon Boat Festival which are in the ascendant. The traditional Li pottery techniques in Changjiang have been certificated as one of the national intangible cultural heritage of China. And the Li traditional entertainment, sports competition, and dyeing skill have been inscribed on the third batch List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hainan Province by the Hainan Provincial People’s Government.

Qizi Bay

Locating on the north of the ancient Changhua City in Chuangjiang County, Qizi Bay is near the Mouth of Changhua River to the west and Changhua Ling Scenic Spot to the east, and is over 50km from Changhua Line. The pure white beach is reaching to the sky, which is a heaven of sunbath and sand bath, given a beautiful comment of “the vast desert lies in Hainan”. Qizi Bay has peaceful sea, clear water, soft and snow-white sand. Over 20 steep and fantastic hills and stones distribute on the coast, including Topped Wall Angle, Fine Brow Angle, The Zen Buddhism of Jianzhen, Huangdi Holds Rituals for the Sea, Turtle Diving Sea, Big Hockstone Forest, Small Hockstone Forest, Footprints of God, Zhu Bajie Carring His Wife on His Back, the Stone for Rituals, the Stone for Watching Fishes, Fire Stone, Lovers Stone, Sailing Boat Stone, Guanyin Stone, Guanyin Pond, A Basket of Chess Pieces, The Shoal for Watching Husband, White Sand Ling, Cure Ditch, Natural Miniascape Park and Pinguin Holiday Resort. Since ancient time, many famous poets like Su Shi, Zhao Ding, and Guo Moruo, have been attracted to this place by these beautiful and fantastic scenes and left their masterpieces. 

The mouth of Changhua River

Changhua River, also known as Changjiang, is the second largest river in Hainan, originating from Kongshiling Mountain in Limu Mountain Forest Zone in Qiongzhong, traversing the midwest of Hainan. The river crosses Wuzhishan Mountain in Qiongzhong from northeast to southwest, then turned to the northwest in Ledong County and finally entries to the South China Sea through the west river of Changhua port in Changhua County, Dongfang City. The river torrents out a grand trumpet-shaped entry. The mainstream of Changhua River is 232km in total, with a 5,150km2 drainage area, a total drop of 1,270m. Its name can be originated from the Sui Dynasty when Changhua County was built on the north side of the estuary.

Bawangling National Forest Park

Bawangling National Forest Park stands on Changjiang County in the southwest of Hainan and is one of the zones with the richest of tropical ecological resources in China. The main peaks are over 1,000km, while the highest peak is 1,495m. Primordial trees are up to over 1,400 species in the forest, including 27 species of state-level protection rare trees such as Antiaris toxicaria Lesch and Lu Yun Pine. The forest is also known as a treasury of tropical wild plants and animals, growing 2,213 species of plants and 365 species of animals. Especially for Hainan Gibbon, a national animal that can be compared with the giant panda, here is the only habitat to grow. With the development for several years, Bawangling National Forest Park has become a famous attraction, with upgrading tourism equipment of Yajia Resort, King’s Lane, Richer’s Lane and Lover’s Lane. Bawangling is an ideal tourism heaven with towering mountains, waving forest and mysterious but colorful scenes.

Changhualing Mountain

Changhualing Scenic Spot stands on the seaside, 50km away from the west of Shilu Town, with towering and constant mountains. The west side reaches to the beautiful Qizi Bay, becoming an attractive natural paint. Changhualing is 460m in height, with the world-famous reputation of steep hills, green plants, colorful flowers, clear and sweet mountain springs. Together with Qizi Bay and the Ancient Changhua City in the distance of 2km in the northwest, Chuanghualing puts steep hills and stones, green mountains and valleys, clear waves and white beaches, and historic relics in a place, riching the tourism resources and attracting visitor all year round with completing tourism equipments.

Shilu Iron Mine

Shilu Iron Mine locates on the foothill of Jinniuling Mountain, 3km away from the south of Shilu Town, Changjiang County in the west of Hainan. It is a large modern open mine with a total area of 60km2 and around 300 million tons of iron storage. As one of the national key mines, Shilu Iron Mine produces the well-known iron ores in the world because of its high quality. It has been extracted manually since three or four hundred years. In 1939, Japanese invaders started to predatory extract the mine by pressing labors after occupying Hainan, leading to the transition of over 500,000 tons iron ores to Japan. After surrendering of the invaders, the Kuomintang government became the owner of the mine. However, they not only refused to recover production but also sold the extracting equipment. As a result, the mine fell into disuse. After the liberation of Hainan Island in May 1950, the mine was recovered and started to operate. Until August 2017, the storage of the mine ran out.  

Baomei Ling Mountain

Within Shilu Town, Changjiang Li Autonomous County, Baomei Ling is one of the tropical forest areas of Hainan. Baomei Ling is like in spring all year round, resulting in a magnificent, peaceful, mysterious, and precipitous natural environment with flourished trees and towering mountains. Baomei Ling has been called a “Green Pearl” in the same latitude and you can enjoy the gifted natural oxygen bar when you are in this fairyland, where is the most suitable place to live in and keep a good health. Baomeiling Natural Preserve is a survived and well-protected tropical rainforest in the west of Hainan, locating on the semiarid zone with a vulnerable ecological environment. Various and typical plants and animals are in the preserve, which is the habitat of Hainan Hill Partridge and pangolin and an important releasing place for Eld’s deer. Due to its special location, Baomeiling is the important greenland of Hainan’s Western Industrial Corridor as well as water conservation forest for Shilu Reservoir, which should be protected carefully.

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