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Scenic Spots

Qionghai city

Qionghai city. Qionghai, home to the red detachment of women, is located in eastern Hainan, the middle and lower reaches of Wanquan River. It is the regional central city of Hainan, and also the site of the world-known “Boao Forum for Asia”. In Qionghai, you can climb to the top of Baishi Mountain which has a 1308-step stone road to admire the eight famous sights of the mountain. You can also witness Wanquan River rushing across Boao into the South China Sea. With the memorial park of the red detachment of women to reproduce their glory, and the world-renowned Boao Forum for Asia, you can experience the charm of Hainan.

In recent years, Qionghai has focused on the development idea of “creating a garden city and building a happy Qionghai”, and adhered to the principle of “urbanization without cutting down trees, demolishing houses, and occupying land”. Now Qionghai has planned and designed each of the 12 towns according to their distinctive features. It aims to construct a beautiful countryside scenery and urban living condition for local residents.

Boao Town,

Boao Town, known as one of the “Ten famous cultural towns” in Hainan, “Home to overseas Chinese” and “Heaven town”, is located on the eastern seashore of Qionghai City, the mouth of Wanquan River. As the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, Boao not only boast beautiful scenery, but is also rich in history. In Boao, you can admire the well-preserved ancient Lehui city, Shizhu houses (houses supported by ten pillars) constructed 200 years ago, ancient well dug 300 years ago, Cai House of Liuke village built 80 years ago, and the popular Town God’s Temple.

Scenic Spots
Wanquan River

Wanquan River, also known as Duohe River in ancient times, is the third longest river in Hainan. Located in the east Hainan and starting from Wuzhishan, it is 163km in length and covers a basin area of 3693km2. Along the river banks, you can admire the typical tropical rainforest landscape and unique landform. Wanquan River is reputed as China’s Amazon River as it is unpolluted.

Wanquan River has two tributaries. The south one, Lehui, is the main stream and starts from Nanling of Linbei Village, with a length of 109km. The north tributary, Ding’an, starts from south Limu Mountain. The two tributaries meet at the mouth of Hekou, Qionghai, and run into the South China Sea through Jiaji and Boao. Wanquan River is 163km long and covers a basin area of 3683km2. Wanquan River scenic spot has attracted a great number of tourists from home and abroad. Its beauty is celebrated in songs and movies, such as “I Love Wuzhishan. I Love Wanquan River”, “Clear Water of Wanquan River”, and “The Red Detachment of Women”.

Longshouyang National Agricultural Park

LongshouYang National Agricultural Park covers an area of 881.2 hectares. The park makes full use of water conservancy to cultivate plants. It follows Giethoorn of the Netherlands, focusing on the culture of farming and hometown of overseas Chinese, red culture and conference culture. The park is divided into six areas, namely, the Gleaning, Four Seasons, Rustic Charm, Well-being, Cottage and Carnival, with “big tourism area, featured town and beautiful countryside” being the guiding idea. Many agricultural base and tourist facilities have begun to take shape, such as flower sea, strawberry, cherry tomato and guava bases, rustic hotel, agritainment, and coffee garden house. In recent years, Longshouyang has been awarded “China's Beautiful Countryside” by China’s Ministry of Agriculture, “Most Beautiful Countryside in Hainan”, “Five-star Countryside in Hainan”, “Demonstration Site of Rural Tourism in Hainan”, and “Modern Agricultural Demonstration Base in Hainan”.

Heshui Reservoir

Heshui Reservoir, located in Futian Town of Qionghai City, was built in October 1965. It is a homogeneous earth dam with the main dam being 950 meters and the auxiliary dam being 325 meters. Heshui Reservoir covers a catchment area of 40 to 50 square kilometers and stores 30 million cubic meters of water. It runs through Changpo town, Tanmen town, Jiaji town and Tayang town. And its good water quality makes the fish and shrimp in it delicious.

Longwan Port

Longwan Port is adjacent to the site of Boao forum for Asia and is only 55 nautical miles away from the main shipping channel between Europe and Asia. It is the only natural deep-water port in eastern Hainan. The natural water depth is -15 to -23 meters and can provide more than 200 deep-water berths of 10,000 to 200,000-ton ships. At present, Longwan port is under construction in an orderly way.

Tanmen Town

Tanmen Town is located in the eastern coast of Qionghai City, 20 kilometers away from the main urban area of Jiaji Town. It is surrounded by the sea on the east, bordering Boao Town on the south, Jiaji Town on the west and Changpo Town on the north. Tanmen Port was listed as a first-class fishing port by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2004. It is one of the nearest ports in Hainan to Nansha Islands. The town mainly develops agriculture, including pelagic fishing, prawn and abalone culture, pineapple, litchi, pepper, betel nut, coconut, off-season vegetables, and rice planting. Its industry mainly focuses on shellfish processing. Seafood in Tanmen is well-known in Hainan. The Jiujipo Industrial Development Zone of Tanmen has expanded from 30 processing factories when established in 1998 to more than 80 at present. The factories are mainly engaged in seashell processing (necklaces) and shipbuilding. Not only do its crafts target domestic market, but also are exported to Southeast Asian countries and even to Russia.

Museum of the South China Sea

With the approval of the State Council, Nanhai Museum was renamed as “China (Hainan) Museum of the South China Sea” on April 5th, 2017. The museum is located in Tanmen Town and it opened during the annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia in March, 2017, exhibiting a wide range of cultural relics collected from home and abroad. China (Hainan) Museum of the South China Sea mainly displays cultural relics related to the history, culture and natural resources of the South China Sea, delivering the message of China's sovereignty over the South China Sea and her protection of cultural heritage. President Xi visited here when he came to Hainan in April this year. The museum is an important gateway to show the culture and history of the South China Sea after the policy of constructing Hainan International Free Trade zone.

Mouth of three rivers in Boao

Boao is situated in the junction of Wanquan river, Jiuqu river, and Longgun river, the mouth of Wanquan River. The junction of three rivers, also called the mouth of three rivers, is believed to be a “cornucopia”, according to the traditional geomantic omen.

Yudai Beach

Yudai Beach lies in the mouth of Wanquan River. With a narrow beach of 2.5 km long between Wanquan river and South China Sea, it was written in the Guinness World Record as the narrowest beach that separates a river and a sea.

The permanent site of Boao Forum for Asia on Dongyu Island

The permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia is located on the beautiful island of Dongyu. It is the permanent site of the annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia and also a place interpreting Boao culture. The magnificent modern architecture, intelligent conference facilities, large golf course, beautiful seaside scenery, and touching legend form a picture of harmony between human and nature. After the annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia this year, the Party Central Committee and the State Council announced the policy of supporting the overall deepening of the reform and opening-up in Hainan. And the strategic planning of the construction of Hainan International Free Trade Zone was put in place.

Boao Lecheng Medical Tourism Pilot Region

The State Council officially approved the establishment of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Area in Hainan on February 28th, 2013, and issued nine supporting policies. This marks the establishment of China’s first national-level development area focusing on international medical tourism services, low-carbon ecological communities and international organizations, which has injected new content and vitality into the construction of international tourism island. The pioneer District is located on the banks of Wanquan River between Jiaji Town and the core area of Boao Forum for Asia. Its function orientation is to develop industries related to international medical tourism, such as medical care, old-age care, and scientific research to create a model of low-carbon and low-emission ecological environment and enrich cooperation and exchanges in relevant fields between China and foreign countries, by virtue of local ecological resources.

Currently, there are already seven hospitals opening in Boao Lecheng Medical Tourism Pilot Region, including Boao Hengda International Hospital, Hainan Boao Ruida Maidi Saier International Health Center, Boao Lecheng Chaoji Hospital, Boao Yiling Life Nursing Center, Boao Yinfeng Kangyang International Hospital, Ciming International Hospital, and Hainan Xinshengquan International Cell Therapy Hospital. And Boao Yiling Life Nursing Center is the finish of Qionghai course.

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